XUL DLL Repair Tutorial – How to Fix Xul DLL Errors on Your System

Xul.dll is a file used by the “Firefox” web browser to help render various pieces of data from the Internet. This file is used extensively each time you use the FireFox web browser, making it essential that you’re able to fix it if you start to see errors on your system. There are a number of reasons why Xull.dll may show errors, but in order to fix them, you should look to use the steps outlined in this tutorial.

The errors that Xul.dll normally causes are as follows:

Firefox.exe – Bad Image

C:Program Filesmozilla Firefoxxul.dll is either not designed to run on WINDOWS or it contains an error. Try installing program again.


XUL.DLL is not valid without reinstall

These errors are caused either by FireFox being outdated, or by the Xul.dll file being corrupt. In order to repair this problem, it’s important that you’re able to fix the various errors that cause the problem, and the first step to do that is to reinstall FireFox. This will remove all the files it requires from your PC, and then replace them with fresh new files. This is the most basic & effective way of fixing Xul.dll errors, and is recommended above all else.

After you’ve done that, and if you’re still receiving the Xul.dll error, then you need to look at replacing the file on your PC. To do this, you should look at first downloading the file from the Internet, and then replacing it on your system. Not only will this make the file fresh & new, but it will also allow FireFox to read it in the most reliable way possible, fixing the error.

You should also clean out the “registry” of your system to make sure that all the parts of it are not causing any problems. The registry is a central database that Windows uses to help store all the files and settings for your PC, and is what every Windows computer uses to help it recall numerous important settings that it requires to run. Unfortunately, the registry is also a big problem for many Windows PCs because of the way it’s continually being saved in the wrong way. The big issue for programs like FireFox is the way in which the registry stores a large list of “DLL Files” for your computer. This list allows various software programs to read the files they need to run, making it essential that it’s intact and reliable. Unfortunately, this list is continually being damaged, making it vital that you’re able to repair it by using a “registry cleaner” program.

Source by Greg Kahn