The Oral Sex Technique Tutorial

Giving her the perfect orgasm may seem terrifying at first thought, but we will make it really easy on you. All you need to know are some simple techniques that will make her scream out in pleasure. Follow this oral sex technique tutorial, and have her begging you for more!

The Soft Approach

The most important thing to remember when giving her pleasure is always be gentle. When you first start, make sure you lubricate her well so that your tongue will feel even better. Once she is ready to go, start off by licking and sucking very gently. Remember she is especially tender when aroused, so if you lick too hard it will hurt her. Soft is always better, so unless she says differently, always go soft and sensual over quick and rough.


When you give your lady variety, and by variety I mean different depths, speeds, and textures, she will love you like you have never been loved before. Play with the firmness of your tongue, such as making it really hard when flicking the clitoris or soft and flat well licking the opening of her vagina.

You can also vary your speeds, but always be gentle, you can ask her if she would like you to go faster. And do not forget to focus on other areas of her vagina other than her clitoris. You can lick and suck other things too!

Experiment with her labia lips, vaginal opening, and perinum, seeing as these are all very sensitive areas for her.

The Other Factor

Don’t forget that you can use other things other than your tongue. Bringing your fingers or toys into the picture can bring her orgasms to another level.

While you are licking/sucking on her clitoris rub your fingers along the vaginal opening or thrust them gently in and out of her. Toys could also be a wonderful addition to your foreplay if you are both interested.

Source by Desiree Kat