Repetitive Replies Banished by QuickText – A Tutorial on Using Thunderbird’s Quick Text

As one of the most famous email clients being used around the world, Thunderbird – an open source program based on Mozilla codes – is easily one of the most famous programs being used around the world. However, it doesn’t have an easy option to repetitively answer similar emails, and this can be a problem.

You can lose precious working time continuously doing the same thing over and over again. Luckily, a plug-in called QuickText Thunderbird was developed as an answer to all these. You can download this plug-in from the Mozilla website, but make sure that the version you’re getting is compatible with your version of Thunderbird, otherwise you’re simply wasting time. Open the Thunderbird program and click to Tools and Add On, locating the downloaded plug-in and simply installing it from there. Remember not to double-click the file because it will only open up in Mozilla Firefox, which isn’t what you want to do.

QuickText Thunderbird lets you quickly write a standard reply to emails, depending on who are emailing you and when. You can customize your preferences once this plug-in is installed. Editing your template for the replies for certain people gives you the chance to simply choosing what kind of email you want to send to them, and not having to type the same email over and over again. This template is automatically saved in your preferences, under your chosen label. There are several other circumstances where you can use QuickText Thunderbird, and the best way to do that is to know when to use it. Play around with the plug-in and see just how you can optimize QuickText specifically for your own work.

Source by Kris Mainieri