A Simple French Kiss Tutorial

A French kiss is the strongest symbol of love that is universally used throughout the world and throughout the ages. French kissing incorporates your body and soul with your partner through your emotions and mouth. If you are ready to add a little extra spice to your relationship, this French kiss tutorial will hit the spot.

If you are very nervous or anxious about your first French kiss, then you need to overcome this fear. More than likely, your girlfriend or boyfriend is just as nervous as you are. Therefore, by taking initiative and making the first move, your partner will probably be relieved and happy. Just decide to take that big step in being first.

After you get over your nervousness, then you are ready for practice. You know how the old adage goes: practice makes perfect. Therefore, practicing kissing something else prior to your French kiss with your partner is a good idea. You can practice by kissing your hand or licking a soft serve ice cream cone. The same motion you use with your tongue to lick the ice cream cone should be the same motion you use when you French kiss.

Once you feel as if you have practiced enough, then you need to keep some quick tips in mind. When you are kissing someone, you will always want to keep your eyes shut. Keeping your eyes shut ensures that you and your partner will be focused on how the kisses make you feel. Not only will it do that, but also how would you feel like just sharing a passionate kiss with someone when his or her eyes were open? It would be awkward, and you would feel as if he or she did not care or was bored. In addition to keeping your eyes shut, when you go in for the kiss, you should tilt your head in either direction to avoid bumping noses.

One big rule of French kissing is ensuring relaxation and comfort. You do not want to be in the middle of kissing when all of a sudden your back, neck, arms, or legs hurt. Therefore, you want to start off in a comfortable position. Perhaps use a couch or a comfy bed, and hold your lover gently in your arms. Making sure that both of you have comfort guarantees focus on the kissing, and not on the pain.

When you have got these tips in mind and established enough comfort, then you are ready for the actual kiss. Just start off coolly by kissing your partner gently as you normally would. However, when you feel it is time, just transition from a normal kiss to a French kiss by opening your mouth slightly, and placing your tongue in your partner’s mouth. Rub and feel your partner’s tongue for a little, and then remove it. A French kiss is that simple and easy.

With this French kiss tutorial, you will be able to get the basics down as long as you remember them. If you don’t feel confident in yourself, you can simply practice beforehand with your hand or an ice cream cone. Additionally, do not forget one of the biggest rules of French kissing: relaxation. Once you are ready just slip your tongue in to transition from a normal kiss to a French kiss.

Source by Lauren Worthington