A Calligraphy Tutorial

A calligraphy tutorial or an instruction course is very important when you are a beginner in the calligraphy field. It will give you enough information about the intricacies of calligraphy for you to start practicing this art. This information will bring out the best in the learner, making calligraphy a perfect hobby.

Much attention should be paid when going through a calligraphy tutorial. You should notice whether the tutorial gives information on the type of paper, pens, nibs and ink. The information should include the different manufacturing companies of this equipment. The calligraphy tutorial should also give you information on the different sizes, shapes and types of pen holders; it should let you know the different types of nib sizes and the use of ink cisterns. It would not serve the purpose if you just get any type of pen set to begin practicing the art of calligraphy.

Apart from this information, a calligraphy tutorial should also prepare and guide you with setting up your work space and the materials that are required, for example the drawing table, a place to keep your work tools and most of all, it should teach you how to care for tools like nibs, pen holders and ink cisterns and maintain them well.

You will definitely know what type of calligraphy lettering you are planning to do. It may be something like creating gifts or invitations or making letter signs for your friends. For this type of work you will have to choose the right type of paper and the exact weight of the paper to suit the calligraphy types you intend to do. This information should be provided in the calligraphy tutorial that you choose.

You may even be surprised to know that a good calligraphy tutorial not only provides you with information on how to improve the skill of calligraphy but it will also give you tips on how to market your art and earn money out of your hobby. Calligraphy is in great demand these days and calligraphers are scarce.

When browsing through the calligraphy tutorial you will notice the different styles of writing that existed in the earlier periods. For instance, the Gothic style belonging to the medieval period was very popular and widely used in monasteries to reproduce holy books. This style is still used today for printing holy books. The ornate styles are extremely beautiful to look at but they are not easy to read because of their style.

It is very easy to master these styles even today using a calligraphy tutorial. It just requires enough practice and dedication with a large amount of patience.

Source by Edward Ashcroft-Hamilton